What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for you?

So what are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for you? love the title already?

So first of all happy new year everyone:)

The benefits are amazing and as an ex-professional athlete I have experienced this myself and still do I take this very seriously because we need to be careful with our health (says an ex-professional boxer:)

So with this blog ”what are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle” I will give you some great insight on what these benefits are.

So we all know we should eat way much healthier than we do now but still, It ain’t easy, why is that? Look around we have all those greasy, sweet, salty stuff which we oh so adore around us. But now worries Mitchell Blog ‘’what are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to help you to motivate you.

So let’s crack on, not too much chit-chat and let me show you a what are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for you!

So first, what is a healthy lifestyle?

As an ex-professional athlete, myself my definition of a healthy lifestyle is very simple: working on your health well-being every day it’s a lifestyle which includes: Eating healthy and regular exercise.

I also must say it’s not a 1-day thing, it’s a lifestyle.

By eating healthy, exercising regularly you also feel good. Let’s be honest it feels good looking in the mirror and looking very fit which is great for your self-image which is great for your mental state, which is very important because there is where everything starts between your ears.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle 

So, let’s jump straight away to some great benefits of a healthy lifestyle!

• It can improve your self -confidence because by eating healthy and exercising you start to look good which helps you to feel good as well
• Control weight
• Preventing heart diseases like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes etc.
• According to HelpGuide.com, it can help against depression
• Reduce stress
• Keeps you positive
• Regular exercise and a balanced weight can add years to your life
• Keeps you mentally strong
• Fewer wrinkles by eating the right stuff like a lot of water content food as in fruits and vegetables keep your skin hydrated
• Endorphin released makes you see the world in a positive light so great for your mental state

Exercise and healthy eating 

I have personally exercised my whole life as a little kid gymnastics was my favourite school lessons loved it with a passion? just the feeling of running around, competing with others, winning competitions made my whole day good again. Whatever happened when I was sporting I always felt good for those minutes the adrenalin rush was pumping through my whole body.
Running, for example, I don’t know exactly when it happens, but after you have a runner for a while you just go in a high called endorphin and I can tell you that is a really good feeling. Is that, I can conquer the whole world feeling, its really good try it if you haven’t yet.

So what are some benefits specific to exercise? 

Better sleep– Different studies have shown that it has a great impact on a better sleep
Bone density-Exercise like weight exercises is great for bone density especially for elder people who are dealing with osteoporosis (a bone disease which makes the bone more brittle and fragile)
Joints and muscles– Exercise also keeps not only your bone but also your joints and muscles strong
Weight control– Exercise with eating healthy can help so much with weight loss as you lose a lot of calories
Reduces the chances of heart diseases– Exercise makes your heart stronger and helps the circulation

So what are some benefits specific to healthy eating?

Of course, weight control– something we all want right getting rid of those extra love handles?
You’ll eat less– And this is so true by eating healthy products like brown rice, vegetables and a lot of water you will be full of all the good stuff which will make you stronger in those temptations moments when those cravings moments starts.
• Having a healthy diet so eating all the good stuff like vegetables and fruits reduce the risks of getting diseases like heart diseases etc.
• Eating healthy impact your body in a great way because all the vitamins, minerals and all the good stuff you get in is a great investment for your health
• Eating healthy can boost your energy level and which will impact your exercise sessions

Why should you make it your goal to live a healthy lifestyle? 

Why? That’s a very important question why but it’s also the question which will help you when you go through some tough times and believe me they will come when you make that decision to live a healthy lifestyle.
Those MacDonald’s commercial will start to pop up from everywhere. Those Krispy creams store will pop up from everywhere. Those KFC’s… you get my point?
With every goal in life, I would suggest to get yourself a piece of paper grab a pen and start to write down 10 reasons why you want to start to live a healthy lifestyle.

For example:

So, I can be on this earth longer to spend with my loved ones
So, I can look better and have a better self-esteem
So, I can feel more energetic in life
So, I can reduce the chance of getting some health issues

And the list goes on, believe it me when those hard times come to grab yourself that paper or document and start reading your why’s it will help

So, there you have it people the end?

I hope you enjoyed the blog and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to help you. If you have any feedback, please let me know and leave a comment below so I can improve myself helping you achieving and enjoying your goals.

God Bless

Mitchell Balker

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