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Hi Everyone,

My name is Mitchell and love to eat healthy which is not always easy when

life is so busy, so that’s why I love to prepare my meals so I can still eat healthy no matter what.

I really love the healthy lifestyle and love my healthy food but as a very goal orientated, Husband, Father of my little princess and working in a full-time job it is not always easy to prepare healthy food while we all know that we should eat healthy.

So that’s why I really appreciated the benefits of meal planning so you can still do whatever you need to do but still eat healthy every day resulting in feeling good and looking good.

I have created this website to help people with a busy lifestyle with great ideas how to still healthy affordable and to show them the benefits of healthy meal planning in their life.

I hope you will enjoy this journey and please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave any feedback so I can improve myself helping you achieve your goals.

A short story about me:

As an ex-professional athlete (boxer) on a very high level ( winner of the New Yor Golden Gloves in the Madison Square Garden, number 1 in the Netherlands,number 2 in the UK, top 100 in the world) I could literally eat whatever I wanted because I would burn it very easy off in my 6 weeks 2 times a day training programme every week.

But oh boy I put on so much weight so easy when I had to retire in 2012 due medical circumstances and still was eating the same amount food as when I was still training but now working full time sitting how quick I would gain weight. This forced me to prepare my daily meals differently like eating every 2 hours, 5/6 times a day, smaller amount of meals and with success, I was looking great again:)

I was always interested in eating healthy, preparing good foods and just love to go and try new healthy nutrition it is really so interesting and the benefits are so amazing.

I can say as ex-athlete who is preparing his meals now since 2002 ( 15 years) that I would really recommend meal planning or use services helping you with this, is a great investment in your life which you will never regret.

See you soon and enjoy the journey:)

MB Healthy lifestyle for everyone!

Mitchell Balker

God Bless

Founder of: How to Eat Healthy & Affordable using meal planning

Website: www.healthyfoodplanning.com

Email: mb@healthyfoodplanning.com

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  1. Hey there Mitchell! You know what? We’re on the same niche! Well, kind’a because I’m also on the niche of healthy living but I added a little twist by adding wealth. It’s a health and wealth niche.

    Anyway, eating healthy foods is a great way to stay fit and healthy. And if you’re really serious about eating only healthy foods, better prepare your own meals. Because we all know that fast foods are not the healthy way to go. I like your idea of meal planning so no matter how busy you are, you are still sure to eat only healthy foods.

    Blessings on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

    1. Hi Alice,

      Thanks for your lovely message really appreciate that.

      Yes indeed healthy eating is so important and so delicious totally agree with you:)

      What is the name of your website? I would love to take a look.

      Again thanks very much and all God richly blessings on your journey:)


  2. Hi, Mitchell!

    I love your story! What an achievement with your boxing career!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. If people actually took the time to prepare healthy meals ahead of time, they would not only be eating health on a consistent basis, but also saving money by not constantly eating out.

    Do you think people would save lots of money preparing their own healthy food?

    1. Hi Barb,

      Thank you very much for your comment I really appreciate it:)

      Totally agree with you.

      I definitely think and know from own experience that preparing your own meals is so much cheaper. For example if you’re planning your own meals right down the prices of all the ingredients you have used, do this for a whole week and  see how much you have spend. Then the week after just buy all your food outside and then do the same  it’s so shocking.

      Thanks again for your comment and if you need any assistance please let men know.


  3. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the useful health tips. I certainly will commence planning my meals in advance. Life certainly does get busy..

    I will certainly keep an eye out for your blogs.

    God bless

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