How to make a smoothie at home is super easy:)

Like the title says: how to make a smoothie at home is really super easy.

I have already said it in another blog but I’m a big smoothie fan.
Smoothies look and taste good and you get all the good stuff in just a couple of sips.

How to make a smoothie at home is really easy. Its all about planning and preparation. Buying the right ingredients, cut everything into pieces, pop it into the blender and that’s it.

So, have you asked yourself that question how to make a great and nutritious smoothie at home? be honest you rookie? No worries I got you.

So for all you newbies out there who are thinking about how to make a smoothie at home , no worries I’m here to help ?

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This smoothie I will call Strawberries & Kiwi splash!


So what do you need for this smoothie?

 • 2 Kiwi’s
• 5 Strawberries
• Honey
• Cinnamon powder
• 1 glass of milk
• Ice cubes if preferred

You will also need a blender or a smoothie-maker.

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How to make the smoothie:

1. Cut off the top of the strawberry and dice it up into 2 halves.
2. Peel off the brown skin of the kiwi and dice it up.
3. Only if you enjoy your drinks really cold, put a couple of ice cubes in the blender.
4. Insert the fruit in the blender.
5. Insert the glass of milk of your choice in the blender.
6. Add some honey and cinnamon for the taste.
7. And then just mix it up and pour it into a glass and enjoy:) that’s it, fast and simple!

So, let’s now talk about the benefits of these amazing ingredients.


Did you know that strawberries:

• Help to lose weight – A cup of strawberries only contains 54 calories.

• Promote bone health- That strawberries promote bone health because they are full of vitamin K, Potassium and magnesium.

• White teeth- Because of the acid, the strawberries can naturally whiten teeth.

• Great in salads- Strawberries are great in a salad, so try it.

• Full of fiber- 1 cup of strawberries supplies 3 gram of fiber.



Did you know that: 

• Kiwifruit was named after the New Zealand small bird. The picture of the New Zealand bird says enough:)

• Kiwi is great for the immune system and helps protects cells and keeps them healthy.

• Kiwifruit in your diet is a great way to enjoy cardiovascular health.

• Stimulates hair growth.

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Did you know that: 

• Honey is a great energy booster because of the high carbohydrate load its a great source of unprocessed sugar energy.

• Honey is a great memory booster because it helps the brain absorb calcium, which improves the memory.

• Honey helps with a good night sleep, it’s a whole process but eventually, the body converts serotonin to melatonin. Don’t worry, it’s a chemical that helps your body to sleep:)

• Honey can help and build up your digestive system.

• Honey is also good for a hangover because it helps the oxidation of alcohol which helps the toxins out of your body faster. You can thank me later all you party animals out there, it was my pleasure giving you this tip:)

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Did you know that:

• Cinnamon slows the aging process because it’s packed with a variety of protective antioxidants.

• If you rub in cinnamon and raw honey on your skin and then wash it off it can help you with acne.

• Cinnamon can help with bad breath because of its mouth refreshing ability.

• Because of its sweet taste, you can add cinnamon to your foods and recipes which will lead that you can then cut off the sugars you would normally use which is great for your health.

• Cinnamon has been used thousands of years because of its health benefits.

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So I really hope you enjoyed this blog on how to make a smoothie at home and the benefits of the lush ingredients. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to help you. if you have any feedback please let me know so I can improve myself while helping you achieving and enjoying your goals.

God Bless

Mitchell Balker


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Vegetables are good for you, mama always used to say!


I can still remember my mum telling us all the time; vegetables are good for you!

As usual, the woman was definitely right, vegetables are good for you and they have so many benefits. As I started to grow older, I started to appreciate that more and more.

Vegetables are good for you for so many reasons but the most important and simple reason is, that it has so many benefits for your body and health.

So, vegetables are good for you, but why exactly? hmmmmmmm good question huh?. No worries, I’ll try to explain it in the simplest way possible!

So, Let me introduce to you this blog made just for you,
Vegetables are good for you mama always use to say!



These are the topics that I will discuss, to educate and entertain you with?:

  •  7 great benefits of eating vegetables
  •  Vegetable haters (Yes, I’m talking to you?
  •  Great recommended vegetables


7 great benefits of eating vegetables

1. Vegetables are a great source of many nutrients like Potassium, Fibre, Vitamins A, E and C and so much more.

2. Vegetable keeps your skin young because of Vitamin C, Phytonutrients, and high-water content. This alone is a great motivator to start eating more vegetables.

3. Vegetables contain Vitamin ACE which are immune boosters, so think about: Carrot – Vitamin A, Kale- vitamin C, Avocado- Vitamin E.

4. Vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat. Which means you can eat in peace without being worried about going over your suggested daily calories intake.

5. Vegetables are cheap, I always get your guys attention with the money thing huh?.

6. Vegetables promote hair growth.

7. Reduces risks of chronic diseases.


Vegetable haters: Yes, I’m talking you again!

I think that this has something to do with the fact that vegetables were forced upon us by our mums when we were children ?
So check out these great ideas to help you to get motivated about eating more vegetables:

Make your vegetables irresistible 

1. Don’t overdo it of course, but try different supermarket spices for your vegetables.
2. Add some soya sauce to your vegetables
3. Roast vegetables with olive oil and Lemon Juice
4. Add vegetables to a nice pasta or healthy Pizza
5. Make a vegetable/fruit smoothie with more vegetables.
6. Get some raw salads and eat it with Hummus or Tzatziki
7. Splash vegetables in your favorite soup


Great vegetables to eat

Collard green
Brussels Sprout
Bok Choi


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog titled ”Vegetables are good for you mama always used to say”! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to help you. If you have any feedback please let me know so I can improve myself while helping you achieve and enjoy your goals.


God Bless


Mitchell Balker


Author of the blog: Vegetables are good for you mama always used to say

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Nutribullet 600 Series Review- Saving you a lot of research time:)

Product: Nutribullet 600 series 12 pieces -white, but also available in black and red
Price: £ 86,49 on Amazon 
Power: 600-watt motor
Capacity Tall cup: 680 ml
Capacity Small cup: 511 ml
Item weight: 3.1 kg

Nutribullet 600 series product overview

Love Love Love the Nutribullet?

This machine is so easy to use! No complicated buttons, just very simple. Click the cup onto the standard, turn it a little bit to the right for a few seconds and there she goes. In just a few seconds you will have a great beautiful delicious smoothie!

I use this smoothie machine every morning for my green vegetable smoothie and I’m not turning back, the simplicity of this machine is just amazing.
So let me now walk you through some of my personal favorite aspects of the Nutribullet 600 series.

Quick and easy to use:

Already said it in the overview but again it’s so easy to use. Once you will receive the product, the only thing you need to do is add some vegetables, some fruit, some honey if you want and add a little bit of water or milk to it. Screw the grinder lid onto the cup, click it on the Nutribullet and turn it to the right for a few seconds and there you have it, whatever you were blending, it’s done!
Nothing stands a chance against the 600-watt motor crusher as it crushes everything to a smooth texture which you can drink straight away, how simple is that.

Easy to clean:

If you have a dishwasher, just give it a quick rinse and pop it in the dishwasher.
If you don’t have a dishwasher don’t worry it’s very easy to clean just rinse it off and the most of it will be gone in seconds.

Easy to bring with you wherever you go: 

With this Nutribullet you will get 2 smaller cups as well with handy caps you can screw on, so you can bring smoothies, juices or lunches like soups or other liquids easy to work without any concern that everything will pour into your bag.

Compact design:

With its slim and modern look, this baby fits in every kitchen.

Amazon warranty:

For only £ 17 extra you will get the Amazon Protect -3 years Breakdown and & Accident Cover and for £ 20 extra you will get this for 4 years but this is not a must.


Love the Nutri Bullet! I am using this machine now since December 2016 and I can definitely say that this machine is so easy to use which is so helpful in this fast-paced busy world.
If you would like to have a quick, ready to use blender, which you can use for a very long time: This is the one baby?

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Nutribullet or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.