A Quick easy healthy lunch idea!

So what do you do when you had one of those crazy hectic days but you still want to eat healthy at work? First of all, you read this blog: quick easy healthy lunch idea!


Sometimes you have those kind of hectic days more than others but that’s okay. So even though it’s much cheaper to prep it yourself at home, sometimes you just quick have to go to the grocery store the day before or on that same day to have a quick easy healthy lunch.


From my previous blogs  you can see that I always prepare my food in a good way so personally, I don’t like to spend my hard earned money just knowing I have some food at home. But having said that, even I sometimes fall into the trap of being unprepared 🙂


So that’s why I have written this blog, so the next time you need to buy something healthy but you can’t find something healthy,just go to my website and check out this quick easy healthy lunch idea blog to remind you of some great, simple ideas?


This quick easy healthy lunch idea is so easy you might think; wow why haven’t I thought about this or why don’t I do this more often.


So let’s crack on, not too much chit chat and let me show you a quick easy healthy lunch idea!


So what to pick if you need to make a quick decision in the grocery shop? 

Already prepped salad

Pack of olives
Cherry tomatoes
Some whole wheat bread or microwave brown rice

So what’s next?

Salads are already in a bowl so the only thing you need to do is cut the avocado in chunks and throw it in the salad bowl

Add the olives and the cherry tomatoes

Cut the lemon in half and juice it over the salad for a healthy dressing

Eat it with some of the brown rice or whole wheat bread

And people that’s it! If you don’t want to buy junk outside on the streets and still want to eat healthy: here you go a quick easy healthy lunch idea!

And today’s Headliner ingredient of the day is? 


When I was younger I could not understand how people could eat olives, for me it was just sour grapes nothing more nothing less.
I can’t remember when it was, I think it was when I met my wife and she ate olives that I started to eat olives but boy oh boy when I started to get the hang of it, it was a done deal. I can literally now eat a whole pack of olives in 1 go..easy?

Did you know?

1. That olive is a powerhouse of antioxidants, Studies have shown that eating olives can raise the levels of glutathione which is a powerful             oxidant in the blood.
2. Olives are fruits
3. Olives have an antioxidant called Tyrosol which helps prevent heart disease
4. That they support your cardiovascular health
5. That they are great for your eyes and skin

For more information check out these website’s 

SA olives industry associations’ website

Why you should olives every day, a doctor explains

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me; I’m here to help you. If you have any feedback please let me know so I can improve myself helping you achieving and enjoying your goals.

God Bless


Mitchell Balker







Founder of: healthy easy breakfast prep! blog
Founder of the website: https://healthyfoodplanning.com/
Email: mb@healthyfoodplanning.com

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