Healthy easy breakfast prep idea!


Because this website is all about healthy food planning, this one is a must! A healthy easy breakfast prep! Love it 🙂


We really live in the era of information so some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day while other disagree with that, but for me and many a healthy easy breakfast prep is a must no matter what. If I don’t eat in the morning I don’t leave the house 🙂


A healthy easy breakfast prep is not hard at all. Again it’s all about preparing your meals and I will show you how to.


So let’s crack on, not too much chit chat and let me show you 2 easy healthy meal ideas










When to prep?

Pick 1 day and cut everything in the smaller parts or do it all the evening before


What do you need?



1 orange for each day


Unsalted mix nuts



Food storage containers

Check out my review on one of the blenders out there

Next step 


Cut the heads of the broccoli, cut it in small chunks wash it off and put it in a container


Peel off all the celery stalks, wash them all off and start cutting in same size chunks and put them in a container


Peel off the oranges and cut the oranges into 4 chunks


Insert some of the broccoli, celery, oranges with some water and honey to the cup and start blending it.







Next step

Pour it all into a Glass and enjoy it with a handful of mix nuts


And that’s it


And there you have it a very quick healthy snack which you can enjoy every day of the week, how easy is that:)


And today Headliner ingredient of the day is?



Love Broccoli! As the most of us as a kid I hated it but now I have it every day?

You can use it raw in a smoothie or when I have it in a meal I love to steam it very short so you don’t lose all the good stuff (like vitamins, minerals etc.)

And it’s quite cheap as well I bought yesterday one for just £0,45 from the Sainsburys how cool is that a green explosion of vitamins, minerals etc. for that money how cool is that?


Did you know/Benefits


  • That there is a purple broccoli? Never tried it but it’s true
  • Broccoli originated in Italy around 2000 years ago
  • 1 cup of broccoli will get you your daily requirement vitamin C
  • Broccoli is a superfood
  • That you can eat the stalk as well? Yes its true its full of the good stuff so don’t throw it away but throw it in your blender – That was a really corny line sorry?




Interesting facts 


In 2013 President Obama said broccoli is his favorite vegetable. You see like minded people think alike?



So there you have it a healthy easy breakfast prep! made easy just for you:)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to help you. if you have any feedback please let me know so I can improve myself helping you achieving and enjoying your goals.


God Bless


Mitchell Balker








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  1. I surely will try it. Thank you for the information for broccoli. I did not know.
    keep on giving us the good stuff.????

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