Easy banana smoothie recipe made easy just for you?


Most people like banana’s so I had to create an easy banana smoothie recipe for the banana lovers.

Easy banana smoothie recipe for the banana lover’s – this blog makes me excited already because I love bananas.

You can use and enjoy banana’s in so many different ways, it’s just such a healthy, sweet fruit with a lot of benefits. Therefore I am delighted to show you my super, quick, easy banana smoothie recipe.


So like you know me not to much chit chat without an example so let’s crack on and let me show you a simple tuna pasta recipe, enjoy?

What do you need?

Banana’s frozen or normal
Greek yogurt


First step

Cut the banana’s into pieces
Next step

Add milk
Add honey
Add cinnamon
Add the yogurt
Add ice cubes ( it’s not a must)

Next step

Blend everything for a couple of seconds

And that’s it

Pour it in a cup and enjoy the ride, how easy was that?

And today’s Headliner ingredients are?

Banana, Milk, and honey

Only this combination itself says enough banana, milk, and hone…wow, I love this combination. You can either drink it hot or cold, it stays and incredible duo for I don’t know how long?


Did you know that?


• Banana is rich in Vitamin B6 which helps maintain a healthy metabolism, nerve and liver function and so much more how great is that:)

• On an average, a banana contains only 119 calories.

• Banana’s are naturally fat and cholesterol free.


Did you know that?


• Is great for bone health because of the Calcium

• Is a great source of Vitamin A, zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B

• Milk contains proteins so great for rebuilding muscles


Did you know that?


• Honey is a great energy booster because of the high carbohydrate load its a great source of unprocessed sugar energy.
• Honey is a great memory booster because it helps the brain absorb calcium, which improves the memory.
• Honey helps with a good night sleep, it’s a whole process but eventually, the body converts serotonin to melatonin. Don’t worry, it’s a chemical       that helps your body to sleep:)
• Honey can help and build up your digestive system.

Fun facts


Did you know that banana peels are not slippery at all, Yes they have been lying to us the whole time

Did you know that an old Russian custom was to put a frog in a bucket of milk to keep the milk fresh how weird is that?

Honey is also good for a hangover because it helps the oxidation of alcohol which helps the toxins out of your body faster. You can thank me later all you party animals out there, it was my pleasure giving you this tip:)


So there you have it an easy banana recipe made easy, just for you


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to help you. if you have any feedback please let me know so I can improve myself helping you achieving and enjoying your goals.


God Bless


Mitchell Balker







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